How to Pay 

How to make the R249 payment to MathsLive for your Monthly Fees

Step 1: Provide MathsLive with your basic contact information

You provide your contact information during sign up. The most important thing that we need is the mobile number of the parent/guardian paying the fees and the student(s) linked to them. However, if you are unsure if you filled it in or if you recently changed your mobile number, then click on this link to use the update details for fee payment form.

Step 2: Pay Fees into this bank account (use mobile number & month it's for as reference) 

Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: MathsLive 
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 63083661687
Reference: Parent's/Guardian's Cellphone Number & the month(s) the payment is for 


0856784568 Apr (single month) or 0856784568 A2J (multiple months) 

* New Multi-Month Payment Options: Pay for 3 months, 6 months or till end of the year

Step 3: Upload proof of payment in a conversation with our customer service line on Whatsapp

Explanation: How we know whose paid 

We will match the mobile number you gave as a reference against our customer records to figure out who the fees are being paid for. If you change your mobile number, you need to update your details using this form.

PLEASE NOTE: Your reference MUST be correct in order for you to receive the link to the live lessons each month. 

When do you have to pay by? (month end, in advance)